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Budget Single Room

Under construction, these single rooms will be avalable for single bookings and are designed for short stays and overnight sleep. Coming soon is the available dates and rates

Budget RateTBA

Budget Double Room

Under construction, these single rooms will be avalable for single bookings and are designed for short stays and overnight sleep. Coming soon is the available dates and rates

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Other Hotel Facilities

World Class

In order that our guests enjoy meeting other guests and share moments, we have upgraded the Braai area so that you will feel the breeze, aroma of the botanic garden and enjoy your barbeque. The Braai area is tucked away near the Boma, and it is ideal for small gatherings without nosey interuptions. There is a Shoprite Store nearby (15 minute walk)for supplies. Bring insect repellent especially for mosquitos.

We have a convenient restaurant at the facility and we strive to preserve privacy of our esteemed guests,our menu is affordable and locally prepared.

Service Hours 10:00 - 20:00 PM

Bird Watching


See Views From The Boma

This is a perfect location to watch birds feeding, listen to their song and also to feel the warmth of Nelson's Place. You also can use this elevated facility to sit and relax sipping your favourite ale or juice. By prior arrangement, this area may be used as a dining area or small event venue.

This is is a perfect spot for romantic dinners, business dinners or business meetings, we guarantee that you will fall in love with our Boma during your stay.

Service Hours 08:00 AM - 20:00 PM

Recommended Service

Security | Valet

We provide Pick-up and Drop-off of Guests upon request and by PRIO ARRANGEMENT with management. This facility mainly caters for FLY-IN or BUSINESS Guests arriving or departing via Maputo International Airport or dropping off for Business Meetings. We provide a comfortable saloon vehicle.

Our facility is secured by a perimeter wall, with razor wire, and a security guard at the entrance. There are security lights throughout the property and paved walkways and driveways. You are assured of your security including vehicle and belongings.

Service Hours 00:00 AM - 24:00 PM


Swimming Pool

Set in a secluded spot to the left of the property, this neat swimming pool is ideal for relaxing during hot days in Maputo. No need for privacy as the pool is ONLY FOR GUESTS. There is a provision for young children to enjoy the pool under your supervision. Clean water is always available and the pool is maintained to international standards at all times.

We stongly recommend that children below 12 years be supervised by adults at all times. Be sure to have modest swim wear and towels as these are not provided by the facility.

Service Hours 08:00 AM - 20:00 PM



After a long day, relax in our Jacuzzi. We purposely included the Jacuzzi for you benefit to: Relieve stress(after a long drive, you may have muscle tension, headaches, fatigue or migraine) and helps soothe sore joints and bring temporary relief, or minimise the pain of arthritis, or lower diabetic blood sugar levels, or promote weight loss so that you sleep more soundly.

if you are looking for a ROMANTIC TOUCH to your vacation, there is nothing more fitting than a PRIVATE SECLUDED JACUZZI. OUR JACUZZI IS ALWAYS SANITIZED AGAINST GERMS AND BACTERIA. .

Service Hours 07:30 AM - 22:00 PM

Well Maintained

Botanic Garden

Set in a secure walled pemise, away from the hustle and bustle of Maputo City is an aunthetic Indeginous Botanic Garden that is well maintained.

There are over 50 plant species that are well documented and preserved. For Botanists and Birdwatchers this is an ample opportunity to view birds and study trees and other plants within the vicinity of the City .

Find Plant Species Here

Find List Of Birds Here

Service Hours 06:00 AM - 18:00 PM